Reverse Osmosis System

When it has to be Pure take it to the Max

The quality of drinking water is on everyone’s mind today. Bottled water sales have skyrocketed. Bottled water is expensive, inconvenient and of questionable quality. How do you get quality water from your own refrigerator and ice maker? How do you get quality water without breaking the bank or your back?

PuRoMax Delivers!

Quality water that exceeds most bottled water quality!
Quality water for only pennies a gallon.
Quality water right at your fingertips.
Quality water for ice and prepared beverages.

The PuROMax™line removes over 90% of sodium salts from tap water

Reverse osmosis processes water at the molecular level. By squeezing ordinary tap water against a special membrane, pure water molecules are separated from impurities. These impurities are automatically rinsed down the drain leaving only clean great tasting water.

Nominal Rejection Rates for typical R/O units

Aluminum 96-98%
Arsenic 94-96%
Bacteria 99+%
Barium 96-98%
Cadmium 95-97%
Calcium 94-97%
Chlorine 90-95%
Chlorine 90-95%
Chloride 90-95%
Copper 96-98%
Cyanide 90-95%
Flouride 93-95%
Lead 96-98%
Magnesium 95-98%
Manganese 94-96%
Mercury 95-97%
Nitrate 92-95%
Phosphate 97-98%
Silver 95-97%
Sodium 94-98%
Zinc 96-98%

Because coffee and tea are 99% water, they are no better than the water with which they are made. The PuROMax unit delivers great tasting coffee, tea and clearer ice. Your pets and plants will love it too.